On Site Soil Washing and Water Treatment

The OSBO on site soil washing bases on the wet mechanical abrasion of pollutants out of the soil matrix and the following biological and oxidative degradation up to mineralization in the liquid phase. The OSBO technique directly operates in the contaminated core zone or in special containers and allows a site decontamination with simultaneous activation of natural degradation processes (ENA = Enhanced Natural Attenuation).

The decontanination is carried out in a mobile, site-specific adapted and modular structured treatment plant under scientic attendance. Expensive and time consuming soil transports are significantly reduced.

Successfully revitalized military areas, gas stations, fuel depots and industrial brownfields demonstrate the efficiency of this remdiation technology.

OSBO has established as a powerful and cost-effective technology.


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 OSBOmat in groundwater section  Soil washing container followed by separation tank