Soil Disintegration

The soil structure will be disintegrated by energy implementation of the OSBOmat (modified shovel separation unit). The high shearing forces assure an optimum of contamination transfer into the liquid phase.

The soil washing is carried out in the groundwater section (in situ) or in special containers (on site).

Goals are the reassembly of washed soil or a cost-effective disposal. Further proceedings depend on analysis of washed soil. For heavily polluted soils a repetition of washing procedure might be necessary. In case of exceeding threshold concentration soil can be treated by biological conditioning in heaps (bioremediation).


Abrasion of pollutants ->
 abrasion of pollutants
unbehandelter Boden
gewaschener Boden
Überführung der Schadstoffe<br />
			in die wässrige Phase
 Unwashed soil  Washed soil  Transfer of pollutants into liquid phase